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School Districts in Van Buren ISD County, Michigan

From the drop-down menu below, select the School District in which the school is located

DistrictAddressOfficial WebsitePhone
Bangor Publics (Van Buren)115 E. Monroe Street
Bangor MI 49013-1473
Bangor Township S/D #835594 66th Street
Bangor MI 49013-9639
Bloomingdale Public311 East Willow Street
Bloomingdale MI 49026 
Covert Publics35323 M-140 Highway
Covert MI 49043-9701
www.covert ... 
Decatur Publics312 School Street
Decatur MI 49045-8845
www.raider ... 
Gobles Public32110 6th Avenue
Gobles MI 49055-9078
Hartford Public141 School Street
Hartford MI 49057-1183
www.hartfo ... 
Lawrence Public714 W. St. Joseph Street
Lawrence MI 49064-9324
Lawton Community110 S. Nursery St.
Lawton MI 49065 
Mattawan Consolidated56720 Murray Street
Mattawan MI 49071-8902
www.mattaw ... 
Paw Paw Public555 Cedar Street
Paw Paw MI 49079-1182 
South Haven Publics7320 North Shore Drive
South Haven MI 49090