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School Districts in Allegan Area ESD County, Michigan

From the drop-down menu below, select the School District in which the school is located

DistrictAddressOfficial WebsitePhone
Allegan Publics3300 115th Avenue
Allegan MI 49010-9304
www.allega ... 
Fennville Publics4 Memorial Drive
Fennville MI 49408
www.fennvi ... 
Glenn Public1394 Adams Street
Glenn MI 49416
www.glenne ... 
Hopkins Publics1861 136th Avenue
Dorr MI 49323-9553
Martin Publics516 118th Avenue
Martin MI 49070-9756
Otsego Publics540 Washington St.
Otsego MI 49078
www.otsego ... 
Plainwell Communitys707 S. Woodhams Street
Plainwell MI 49080-1762
www.plainw ... 
Wayland Unions1148 144th Avenue
Moline MI 49344